Margarette Mentor Pal *Iris*
δ (Delta) Chapter
Stony Brook University
Apparel & Accessories

Personalized gifts and more. From drinkware, to party signs, charcuterie boards, ornaments, school supplies and lots more. Personalized meaningful gifts and more for friends, family and loved ones. Personalize various products with your name! Your name makes you unique. It is who you are. You were born with it and it always has an interesting story. So why not stamp your name on all your things to make it more YOU! Browse through our collections and select a product you want to purchase. Select the color opions available for the product you want and add your name or recipient’s name or text you want to display on the product! I’m a mom of three who finally had the courage to start this business that originated from just a dream many years ago. I hope to share this business with my Kappa family and hope to give back to the community/organization that has a lifelong impact on my growth.

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