Sorority Leadership

Kappa Phi Lambda leadership consists of the Board of Directors, chief officers and staff departments that manage the various affairs of the sorority to keep it operational and focused on the shared mission.

Board of Directors

The Board provides guidance and leadership for Kappa Phi Lambda. The Board represents the members of the Sorority and ensures the accountability of the organization to its members. It also sets the short and long-term strategy for the sustainability and growth of the Sorority. Read more about each Board member here.


  • Chae Yoo Park
  • Christine Han Lee
  • Hee Cho Chang
  • Karen Eng Ehee
  • Mary Tung
  • Rei Hirasawa
  • Sarah Artha

Executive Board

The Executive Board executes the sorority’s strategic plan and its initiatives within the scope and mission of the organization.


  • Chief Executive Officer,  Nina Ondona
  • Chief Adminstrative Officer,  Odalys Herrera
  • Chief Compliance Officer,  Teri Chung
  • Chief Human Resources Officer,  Emily Shan
  • Chief Operations Officer, Alexandra Garcia
  • Chief Financial Officer, Wendy Chan
  • Chief Alumnae Experience Officer, Serena Nguyen

Governance & Risk Management Department

This department reviews and revises governance manuals including but not limited to bylaws, policies and procedures.


  • Elena Hoffman, Director
  • Camille Custodio
  • Kathy Trinh
  • Kristal Yee
  • Sharmie Azurel
  • Marilé Quintana
  • Christina Oh
  • Viji Dantuluri
  • Aika Barzhaxynova

Investigation Department


  • Brittany Chan, Co-Director
  • Robin Kim, Co-Director
  • Yuka Saijo
  • Camille Flores
  • Kristal Yee
  • Kristin Mitra
  • Michelle Liu
  • Yooha Kim

Judiciary Department


  • Robin Kim, Director
  • Elena Hoffman
  • Kathy Trinh
  • Viji Dantuluri
  • Marilé Quintana
  • Anna Wakita

Legacy Department


  • Sydni Porter
  • Amber Tran
  • Judy Hu
  • Jennifer Mclaughlin
  • Vijetha Dantuluri
  • Robin Kim
  • Kristin Mitra
  • Lexi Simms
  • Kelly Tay

Technology Operations Department


  • Amber Delotsang
  • Kelly Tay
  • Kyrinna Wei
  • Judy Hu
  • Amber Tran

LaRok Task Force

The LaRok Task Force serves to organize sisters committed to ending intimate partner violence and sexual assault in our community. Our focus is on raising awareness of intimate partner violence and sexual assault, through programming, policies, support services and resource guide development. Our goal is to prepare sisters and community members to support survivors and hold abusers accountable; and enforce policies and procedures that condemn and prevent violence through promoting health and safety for all.


  • Jamy Drapeza
  • Anna Guerrero
  • Anna Dang
  • Thanmai Bui
  • Cheyenne Tang
  • Victoria Sun
  • Ever Chae
  • Michelle Wu
  • Lysandra Daley

Ujima Committee

We recognize that our society is founded and funded upon systemic racism and oppression of marginalized communities, espeeccially the Black community. The Ujima committee strive to sharpen the efforts of Kappa Phi Lambda sorority to establish anti-racist policies and practices, address and rehabilitate anti-Black behaviors and actions and provide organized voice for Black sisters.

Ujima is Swahili for “Collective Work & Understanding” and serves as the third principle of Kwanzaa. This committee is intended to be led by Black-identified sisters. Non-black sisters are welcome to join as supporting members.

The Ujima committee envisions a future where sisters and potential new members of KPL can rely on the organization for support and understanding. We wish to build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogynoir, antiblackness and racism. KPL will be a safe space for sisters of all racial ethnic backgrounds and no sister will feel ostracized by the color of her skin. Our sorority will embody and practice justice liberation and peace in our engagements with one another.


  • Kalyn French
  • Lynn Chui
  • Maxilia C. Desir
  • Gina Atkins
  • Ayaka Vonil-Fish
  • Dania Patterson
  • Kayla Harris
  • Amya Hampton

Events Department


  • Erika Saligan
  • Amber Delotsang
  • Angela Liu
  • McXine Salva
  • Uyen Dinh
  • Cindy Nguyen

Marketing Department


  • Heysel Lam, Director
  • Genevieve Nadal
  • Michelle Seung
  • Yvonne Chan

Collegiate Department


  • Sierra KaiKai, Regional Consultant 1
  • Jennifer Lin, Regional Consultant 2
  • Amy Vo, Regional Consultant 3
  • Eva McDermott, Regional Consultant 4
  • Glyn He, Regional Consultant 5

Expansion Department


  • Denise Lin, Director
  • Heysel Lam
  • Megan Wong
  • Cindy Nguyen
  • Allison Tran

Education Department


  • Vacant, Director
  • Amber Delotsang
  • Anne Dela Cruz
  • Denise Lin
  • Gemma Lagasca
  • Kelly Tay

New Member Process Department


  • Audrey Sung, Director / Program Advisor 1
  • Kristin Mitra, Program Advisor 2
  • Audrey Sung, Program Advisor 3
  • Kelly O’Toole, Program Advisor 4
  • Yuka Saijo, Program Advisor 5

Sister Lifecycle Department


  • Nadia Anindita Sofiandi
  • Amanda Mandell

Business Development Department

This department develops products, programs and fundraisers to generate revenue that supports operational costs essential to run the national sorority, new or improved benefits for members and financial aid assistance for members.


  • Wendy Chan, Board Liaison
  • Aika Barzhaxynova, Director
  • Emilie Chung
  • Modelyn Nop
  • Leah Okeefe

Research and Reconnaissance


  • Camille Flores
  • Marile Quintana
  • Jennifer Jung
  • Denise Suter

Membership Services


  • Jennifer Jung
  • Denise Suter
  • Chanel Collins
  • Judy Hu