Kappa Phi Lambda is currently located primarily in the East Coast, Midwest and South. We have built a strong network in these areas with most chapters and colonies located in close proximity to one another. However, we are always considering expansion to new schools and new regions. We believe steady, strategic expansion will help us grow further without sacrificing our strong network of sisters.

If Kappa Phi Lambda does not currently have a chapter or colony at your university and you are interested in starting one, please contact our National Expansion Chair.

Expansion Time Table

This simplified time table may help you understand the steps of the expansion process.

1Form an Interest Group
2Gain approval from your school
3Receive a Bid from Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
4Partake in and complete the New Member Process
5Form a new Colony at your school by becoming sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.


What is a Kappa Phi Lambda Interest Group (IG)?

An Interest Group (IG) for Kappa Phi Lambda is a group of interested women at a college or university who seek to bring the sorority to their campus. To become an interest group, please contact us to receive details.

How do I know if Kappa Phi Lambda is right for my university?

Once you contact us, we will help guide you in deciding whether or not Kappa Phi Lambda would be a good fit at your school. If you feel there is strong interest and an alignment in values with Kappa Phi Lambda, the sorority will work with your faculty and advisors to establish on campus.

What is being an IG like?

After forming an IG, there is a period of time where you will have an opportunity to show interest in Kappa Phi Lambda’s mission and values. But it’s not all work. It’s also a lot of play! Being an IG allows you to meet a lot of sisters, build friendships with other IG members, and ultimately have a lot of fun in the process. Many of our past IGs have formed lifelong bonds and memories that extends into the new member process.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation extended to your interest group to begin the new member process for our sorority once you get to know our mission and values well.

What is Kappa Phi Lambda’s new member process like for IGs?

After receiving a bid, the new member process is a period of time during which your IG participates in activities to learn about the sorority, the sisters, and the other members of your IG. As potential charters, the new member process is unique in the sense that you will not just be gaining membership, but you will also be expanding Kappa Phi Lambda to your campus. Should you complete the new member process and become officially recognized by your school, your IG will become a new colony for Kappa Phi Lambda.

Will chartering affect my academics?

Academic excellence is a part of the sorority’s Mission Statement and is held as a priority. One important aspect of expansion emphasized during the chartering process is good time management. Although the IG and expansion process will take a lot of dedication, it is very possible to fulfill academic obligations and still form a colony successfully. To address the challenge of balancing both, the chartering process will provide and encourage regular study hours.